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Grape News From France

Alice Brinton | GOOD TASTE 2014

Alice Brinton explains why a change in the weather in 2013 may bring mixed blessings to consumers and producers of French varietals. She also shares the latest news straight off grapevines across the continent.

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Dead or Alive - The Traditional Wine Merchant

Ian Boxall | GOOD TASTE 2012

Historically the best way to find a quality bargain has always been to talk to traditional wine merchant, although these days they are a dying breed.

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A Postcard From Burgundy

Alice Brinton | GOOD TASTE 2013

It is grape harvesting time in Burgundy and once again the country roads are over-populated with large machines to-ing and fro-ing between vineyards where bent human backs toil to bring in the grapes before the capricious weather of 2012 has the last say.

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In Praise of Cheap Wine

Clive Coates MW | GOOD TASTE 2011

In my friend Ian Boxall's house, there is a an old caricature of him wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the proverb 'Life is too short to drink cheap wine'. I don't know how old Boxie's shirt was, but forty-odd years ago that was undoubtedly true.

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Champagne: The Wine of Celebration

Clive Coates | GOOD TASTE 2010

John Arlot, cricket commentator and wine lover, was present at a young lady's birthday party when she was given her first glass of champagne. Her reaction? "It's like icicles of rainbow in my mouth."

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